the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
# 102 – 631 Columbia Street, New Westminster,British Columbia

The Pacific Institute is such a fantastic school to learn Hypnotherapy.  Sherry makes it very easy to learn
and has many years experience in this field.  She really cares about her have all of the proper tools and
knowledge that they will need in order to be successful.  
It was a great learning environment and the location is very accessible by bus or skytrain.  I would highly
recommend this school to anyone that is interested in Hypnosis.

A. Branscombe,
Vancouver, B.C.

Sherry's course is great for anyone interested in becoming a hypnotherapist! She introduces hypnosis to
the beginner and passes on advanced techniques for the expert to expand upon. Her delivery is excellent
and there are no holes in the program. It is an enjoyable way to learn hypnotherapy.

R. Zala,
Victoria, B.C.

When I was planning to take training as a hypnotherapist I wanted to make sure I got the most for my
dollar.  Searching around I called a number of places and was most satisfied with The Pacific Institute of
Advanced Hypnotherapy.  Being a mother of four I couldn't take a whole block of time out and make a
long-term commitment, but the four weeks the school required were just perfect.  On the first day of class,
I could immediately feel the passion Sherry has for hypnosis and the energy she teaches it with is amazing.
Usually I'm not the one for long distance driving, but the four weeks that I was going to school, I was up
early every morning ready to go.  The PIAH curriculum surpassed my expectations.  Thank you so much
Sherry for your encouragement and the passion you teach your subject with.

J. Egnell,
Abbotsford, B.C.

As a Registered Professional Counsellor working in the field of Family and Addictions, I take pride in
learning from a highly academic standpoint. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist I am ever so thankful
that I made the right decision to take my training through the “Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy”

I found PIAH, its Founder Sherry M. Hood M.H.,C.Ht. and other instructors to be of  Academic University
standard levels to which I am accustomed.  From the start of our intensive training, we began working with
guest clients under full supervision and this continued to the very last day.  Sherry teaches from many
years of experience in medical and dental hypnotherapy.  Guest lecturers included a Medical Professor /
physician as well as a former graduate of PIAH that is also a physician.

I would suggest anyone looking for a complete professional career in hypnotherapy to be thorough in their
search for skilled training. Do research of the schools and instructors before enrolling in a course.

I am very pleased with the curriculum at PIAH. They are ethical, honest and professional. I strongly believe
that we need professional, advanced training in this field. I highly recommend PIAH and its instructors for
their integrity and standards which is instilling trust among the medical and dental professions with each
new graduate PIAH brings into the Hypnotherapy field.

Warm Regards,
Ruthy M Boehm
 RPC. (CBt.) M.H.,C.CHt.

I recently graduated from the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy.  I am ready to start my own
practice, full of confidence that I have every skill that I will need.  The training that Sherry Hood provided
is second to none, including informative CDs, DVD's, lively class sessions, and daily practical experience
with real clients.  
Sherry is not afraid to instruct in areas that others shy away from due to lack of experience or practice.  
With over 15 years of experience, I believe that she provides the most comprehensive and well-rounded
education available in this field. I would heartily recommend this school and this experience to any one at
any time.

Leslie A McCall
Okanagan Falls, B.C.

It is now one year post -graduation and I am absolutely delighted at how increasingly confident and
enthusiastic I've become since starting my full-time practice just after graduation.  
My skills and knowledge have been repeatedly tested by the most challenging scenarios and client issues,
with every client providing very positive feedback.  
I haven't had to advertise yet, as my practice is growing rapidly through repeat clients and multiple
referrals.  I am elated and encouraged...this is my passion and as a direct result of the intense and
conscientious instruction I received at PIAH,
I am successful beyond my wildest dreams.
Instructor, Sherry Hood, MH, CHt, is an extremely
experienced, ethical and client-based hypnotherapist and it
showed in the quality and clarity of her answers on every possible
aspect of hypnotherapy.

Grace Barkley,
Ottawa, Ontario

As a recent graduate of The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy, and as someone who looked
around at other hypnotherapy schools before choosing, I am confident that I chose the best school in the
B.C. area for pursing certification as a clinical hypnotherapist.

The course material is very comprehensive and covers all known areas that hypnotherapy is currently
utilized for. Sherry Hood's dedication and experience as a hypnotherapy instructor is crucial to the learning
of any student who seeks to truly understand the field and how to apply the information in a practical and
effective manner. I know of no other hypnotherapy school that incorporates roughly 40 guest client
sessions into the curriculum for the student to gain practical experience prior to graduation.

The skills acquired in this 160 hour course have left me ready and comfortable to jump right into building
up a private practice. Furthermore, one of the main reasons I chose this school was because it was clear to
me that on-going support and mentoring from Sherry would be available post-graduation as I continue to
gain experience as a hypnotherapist. My sincerest thanks to Sherry for her kindness and dedication to the
healing of others.

Ceth Ranney, M.H., C.Ht.

I am a very recent graduate from the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy founded by Ms. Sherry
Hood, C.CHt.

The entire life of mine has been on the campus, and the time with Sherry at the Pacific Institute of
Advanced Hypnotherapy until the last week was the most memorable, inspirational, and uplifting time I've
ever had and I don't think I will in the future as well.
Her curriculum has and gives everything from knowledge to knowhows to be successful after out of school
on top of the true, genuine support, caring, and insightful ideas of Sherry's.

For me, I was fully motivated and delighted every single day when I was in the course; every day was a un-
describable exciting, fulfilling day because I was just full of anticipation of Ms. Hood's class.
She is full of kind heart, gentle soul, and caring spirit with beautiful, sweet smiles and unflagging hard
work, at all times. She listens to what students say, reaches where students have problems, senses how
students feel, always being ready to help, support, encourage them to feel confident and comfortable to be
successful throughout the course and after. Also, she never hesitates to share what she has as knowledge
or practical knowhows.
I've been just touched with all of those she has shown, performed, and done while I was at school.

In this field, we are supposed to care and heal people's souls, and so my belief is that whoever wants to
involve in this field is supposed to be her-likely-minded; if not, at least we must try harder to deepen,
mature, and enlighten ourselves.
In this aspect, I could also learn a lot from Ms. Hood's sheer warm heart and hands during the entire time
of the course.

Now that I'm completed with the hypnotherapist course with Ms. Sherry Hood, I think that regardless of
being professional or not in this field, her course will truly be a one-of-the-bests, hard-to-have, spiritually-
true-uplifting and pure-inspirational time to everyone in their lifetime.
Therefore, I strongly recommend her course, and I'm positive that nobody can deny it as the best
precious, invaluable, priceless time to grow themselves in every aspect of their life.

Lastly, although I don't think I can thank Ms. Sherry Hood enough, I would once more like to express a
sincere gratitude to her for so many things that have influenced my life dramatically and tremendously!

With much love and admiration,
G.S. Ahn  
M.A., M.H., C.Ht.
TCM P (Tradition Chinese Medicine Practitioner)
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