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Frequently Asked Questions

How comprehensive is the course?
These classes are based on Sherry's many thousands of hours of successful hypnotherapy session work,
hypnosis and hypnoanalysis with clients in her private practice.
You will learn a variety of hypnotherapy techniques and styles from all of the masters and areas of
hypnotherapy that are not taught in other schools.
There will be an opportunity to work with volunteer clients
(personally booked and screened by Sherry) during
class hours to ensure competence, confidence and excellent hypnotherapy skills.

Will I be recognized by any governing bodies?
These classes far exceed the requirements for IMDHA and other certifying bodies or organizations.

Will my certification be recognized across Canada?
There is no legislation in Canada relating to hypnotherapy at this time. This is something we are concerned
about and working on. Graduates can practice anywhere in Canada and in most states in the U.S.

Does the school offer support after graduation?
We offer continued support to all graduates to ensure professional development. Advanced workshops,
online chats, mentoring groups and one-on-one consultation are encouraged.  Our instructors have
mentored students of other hypnotherapy schools.

Can I call myself a doctor or a Ph.D?
Absolutely not. A Ph.D is an advanced academic degree awarded by universities and usually takes four to six
years to complete. Some on-line universities and correspondence schools offer quick doctorates and Ph.D's
for a fee,  but these are not only  unrecognized by the medical profession but cheapen the profession of
hypnotherapy. Always question the credentials of ANYONE using the title Ph.D.
You can proudly display M.H. (master hypnotist), C.Ht. (clinical hypnotherapist) and  C.C.Ht. (certified
clinical hypnotherapist) after your name.

Anything else I should know?
We are known for the highest standards and ethical practices. PIAH reserves the right to refuse to register
an applicant or to expel the registrant whose actions disrupt the operation of a course.

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the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
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Langley, British Columbia

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