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the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
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It is an exciting time to enter the field of hypnotherapy and complimentary health care in general. There
have been countless university studies and clinical trials documenting the efficacy of hypnotherapy in pain
management, childbirth, dental work, hypno-anesthesia, irritable bowel syndrome, post traumatic stress
disorder, smoking cessation and much more. We recognize the potential uses of hypnotherapy with clients
and patients but a
student needs excellent training and skills to be able to work at this high level of competency.

There are many hypnosis courses available and some fill a particular area of hypnotherapy but may be
lacking in other very important areas. This is of huge concern to me as many students unknowingly sign up
for a course that will not give them the level of training needed to work with excellence in this fascinating

Hypnotherapy is an unregulated field in Canada. There is no standardized training or governing body that
regulates hypnotherapy. That is why it is of such importance that a potential student does their homework
when looking for excellent hypnotherapy education so they will not be misled. Anyone can state anything
on their website, brochures or in an email. You can’t believe everything that you read and it is up to you to
do a background check. As an example, many hypnotherapy educators and hypnotherapists list credentials
that are unearned such as a PhD. Always ask if this PhD is from an accredited university and what this
person has written their dissertation on. You will find that most of these so called PhD’s have been
purchased through a diploma mill or are cleverly covered up to look like the real thing but are from an
unaccredited school that offers a couple of months of study (usually online) as a loophole in order to issue
a PhD. Many of us in hypnotherapy find this despicable and unethical. This is such an insult to anyone that
has actually earned a real PhD. Anyone using a credential that is not earned is doing a disservice to the
entire profession of hypnotherapy. This sets us back by decades and leads to mistrust among physicians
and other professionals who may have referred patients to a hypnotherapist otherwise. One of my past
students had a investigator check into the backgrounds of all of the school owners in BC before deciding
on a school. He was shocked to find that this is a practice rampant among school owners and
hypnotherapists alike.

Another area that is quite disturbing is that anyone can start an association, call it a fancy medical or
professional sounding name and masquerade as a governing body. As I mentioned, there is no regulatory
body governing hypnotherapy in Canada. Many Hypnotherapists align themselves with one or both of the
well known certifying bodies (The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association IMDHA or
the National Guild of Hypnotists NGH.) Although it is very important for students to become certified, NGH
and IMDHA are not watch dogs for this profession. They simply issue a certification. They do not check
curriculum or check to see if a credential is legitimate etc. There is no accredited course in hypnotherapy
that offers a “Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy” degree. It is so important to have courses with ethics,
standards and passionate instructors that have extensive experience in hypnotherapy. I have seen schools
open and teachers hired shortly after their graduation from other schools. I would not want to learn
hypnotherapy from an instructor that had little to no experience working in the field and I don’t think you
would either.

Some Thoughts on Hypnotherapy