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the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
New Westminster, British Columbia
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Dr. Fred Janke
# 102 – 631 Columbia Street, New Westminster,British Columbia
I.M.D.H.A. Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist
BFA – NSCAD, Sculpture / Art History
MFA – University of Windsor, Multi Media
Tom McKinnon M.H.,C.CHt.
Assistant Instructor
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researcher, and project animator.

He is an assistant instructor at the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy and has taught post
secondary fine art for 7 years at Northern College in the subarctic community of Moosonee,
University of Windsor and UBC Kelowna.

For the past 9 years he has been working on in depth research into traditional integrative
spiritual/medicinal practices, particularly as related to the practice of Shamanism of the Amazon basin
and Andean mountains. In 2008, he produced an in depth 2 hour documentary on Plant Spirit
Shamanism for the CBC Radio program IDEAS.

“My interests as a teacher, therapist, consciousness researcher, storyteller, and artist all coalesce
around an exploration of the function of narrative and image in the construction of cognition, identity
and belief.”

"I especially enjoy working with artists, writers, filmmakers and highly creative people from all walks
of life. We all at times encounter blocks, fears or anxieties or hold on to past emotional experiences
that may inhibit our creativity, personal enjoyment or professional advancement. Hypnotherapy is
often a powerfully transformative, creative and co-operative process between therapist and client.
The way changes happen varies greatly from client to client, depending on the specific processes and
how the specific client reacts.  Hypnotherapy is not a recipe – it is tailored to your individual needs,
personality, desire and history. I work with you to achieve your ends."

Areas of specialization include:
- habit/addiction/cognitive patterning
- pain and stress management
- regression
- creative visualization
- shamanic release methods
- guided meditations
- self actualization through dynamic storytelling
- intentionality and ritual enactment
- deep relaxation
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