the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
# 102 – 631 Columbia Street, New Westminster,British Columbia

I would like to truly and sincerely thank Sherry M. Hood M.H., CHt. for her commitment to my learning.  
Sherry has the deepest of integrity and I knew, the moment I met her, that she was the intuition.  My
intuition told me that this was where I needed to be and it was bang on again.  
I checked out several schools but Sherry’s obvious integrity combined with her personally designed, up to
date curriculum and the fact that she brings in guest clients every day made my choice crystal-clear.  
Practicing our ever-increasing skills with volunteers has given me absolute confidence in leaving PIAH as a
qualified clinical hypnotherapist with no fear in dealing with clients.
There was so much more in-depth learning of the functions of the brain and body than I expected.  We did
not just learn how to use our voice in reading scripts.  We learned a great deal of science and medical
information that exceeded my expectation.  Without knowing that information now, would seem
Sherry creates an environment of success.   I would highly recommend that anyone interested in taking a
course in Hypnotherapy, do check out the others.  But, be absolutely sure to meet with Sherry to see the
difference.  It is profound.  I believe that you will succeed with confidence with Sherry as your teacher and
mentor.  I know I will.

Teya Graves
M.H., C.Ht.
Chilliwack, B.C.

The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy, has exceeded my expectations in providing me with
knowledge, wisdom and excellent skills in healing with Hypnotherapy.  
I have graduated from this course as a confident clinical  hypnotherapist, and experienced a powerful
transformation in my career, and in my life.
Sherry is an excellent teacher and provides a safe environment and great support to learn.  I know that
her teaching methods, her intelligence, her professionalism and her many years of experience in this field
have vastly contributed to my confidence and success!
I recommend this school for people who are interested in either supporting their careers in traditional
western medicine and naturopathic medicine, or for anyone who is ready for a new start in a career of
Thank you Sherry for providing an excellent curriculum, education, and most important a positive life
changing experience!

Suzanne Saliba
New Westminster, BC

I completed the Basic Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist courses offered by
PIAH, Mar/April 2008 and found that the courses (160 hours) surpassed my expectations at all levels and
in all respects.
Our instructor, Sherry Hood, MH, CHt, is an extremely experienced, ethical and client-based hypnotherapist
and it showed in the quality and clarity of her answers on every possible aspect of hypnotherapy.
As a mature student who has had experience with many courses and places of learning throughout the
years, I can offer an opinion of this course and this instructor that is based on objective comparison to
other courses in many fields. This instructor and this Institute are clearly, in my opinion, a cut above and
this high-quality, high-integrity course is a must for any serious hypnotherapy student.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much quality information in a way that I feel
entirely prepared to use the techniques immediately.
As a human being and teacher, Sherry Hood is a gift to the world.

G. Barkley,
Kelowna, BC

The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy provides an excellent course.
The teacher, Sherry M. Hood M.H., C.Ht. has a very welcoming and
approachable personality.  She is a great listener.  She acknowledges students concerns and guides with
patience and reassurance in her teaching .
As a colleague, auditing her classes, I felt a huge positive energy growth within each of the students taking
this course.  With her love of teaching, Sherry delights in seeing her students also embrace the love she
has for hypnotherapy.
Sherry is well informed, up to date and students can be assured they are in the presence of the highest

Debbie Stewart
Burnaby, BC

As a graduate of The Pacific Institute of Advance Hypnotherapy I cannot speak highly enough about the
school and its Founder/Head Instructor, Sherry Hood. Not only was the course curriculum extremely
comprehensive with respect to theory but, all three levels of the course (Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist,
Clinical Hypnotherapist) offered extensive  practical experience as well. Upon graduation, each student has
already worked with at least 40 clients under Sherry’s supervision. This experience has been invaluable
when it comes to building confidence as a new practitioner.
Sherry’s instruction, knowledge of the field, leadership and integrity are without compare. She is, quite
simply, an exemplary Clinical Hypnotherapist and instructor in the field. Sherry’s passion for Clinical
Hypnotherapy and for training competent Clinical Hypnotherapists ready to enter the field with integrity
and confidence is evident in everything she does. Sherry Hood is, without question, one of the finest
instructors, not to mention one of the finest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am
so proud to call her my mentor, my colleague and a friend.

Kat Derksen,

I have taken the complete course of Hypnotist,Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Some schools only teach the minimum requirement to become a certified hypnotherapist, however The
Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy teaches beyond that. You learn more detail and you also get
the extra support in areas you need.  

I had support from the first day I talked to Sherry about registering. Sherry not only teaches what you
need to know about becoming a hypnotherapist, she teaches you more through example of honesty &
compassion. Sherry not only learns & teaches hypnosis / hypnotherapy, Sherry lives it. Sherry is the high
school teacher that went that extra mile for you.

I am very glad I took this course and I recommend it to anyone that is interested in hypnotherapy. Just
like a pebble dropped in a puddle, each graduate will be a ripple effect to a more relaxed world "One
session at a time."

Keith Nahanee
M.H., C.Ht
North Vancouver

I  recently graduated from the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy with my Hypnotist, Master
Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist certification.  I would like to offer my extensive praise to the
program and more importantly to Sherry M. Hood, founder and head instructor.  
After looking at several options for hypnotherapy training I decided on the P.I.A.H. for many reasons.  I
wanted a reputable school with a comprehensive, up-to-date curriculum, extensive practical training and a
modern, comfortable atmosphere.  The Pacific Institute exceeded my expectations in all these regards.  The
deciding factor for me, however, was my first meeting with Sherry Hood.  Her genuine warmth, honesty
and professionalism earned my instant respect and it has only grown over time.
Sherry is passionate about her students, her clients and her profession.  In addition to teaching and
maintaining a practice, she works diligently alongside physicians and medical professionals as an advocate
for the integrity of the field of hypnotherapy.  It has been a privilege to study under someone with her
level of experience and impeccable client success rate and I feel very proud to be associated with her.  Her
vast knowledge, skills and individual integrity rank her far superior to so many other individuals in her
field, yet she exhibits such a unique modesty.  She is a master and a legacy in her profession.
Graduates of the P.I.A.H. have a thorough understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and are fully
prepared and confident to begin practice, without fear or apprehension.  Sherry continues to support me
in my career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, lending her support and insight whenever I need it.  
I would undeniably recommend this program for anyone with any degree of interest in the field of
hypnotherapy and I thank you Sherry for all you have done for me.

Lisa Cooper
M.H. C.Ht

My studies at Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy gave me valuable tools to compliment my practice
as a Registered Massage Therapist. I have discovered hypnotherapy is effective when addressing stress,
phobia and pain management.

In my eleven years as a practitioner, I have taken many post graduate courses. The Pacific Institute’s
curriculum surpassed my expectations. Sherry’s devotion to this fascinating field shows in her skill as a
teacher and hypnotherapist.

I recommend this program to any health care professional who wants to further understand the
psychosomatic connection.

Stephen Hedman,
RMT, C.Ht.
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