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Comments  from Student's Evaluations
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At the conclusion of every course, students are asked to
complete an anonymous instructor/course evaluation form.

The following are actual quotes from these evaluations:
"The hands–on opportunity to practice until comfortable with all aspects of hypnotherapy is invaluable."

"An outstanding course and learning experience."

"The knowledge gained around all aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy will serve me well for a lifetime."

"Every day was an adventure."

"This was such a powerful, amazing and beautiful experience."

"I was intellectually satisfied and mindfully fulfilled!"

"Sherry was such an awesome teacher. She has such a wonderful way of teaching. She has such a great
spirit and way of teaching. Sherry is mindful of knowledge. This is such a valuable course."

"Excellent course from start to finish. I had such an excellent experience."

"Excellent instruction, excellent program. Very comprehensive course."

"Sherry is amazing and wonderful, an excellent teacher and I will always remember what she has taught
me. Great personality as well."

"Superior course that provides a great understanding for all hypnotherapists."

"Sherry is a credit to her profession, a knowledgeable instructor and a wonderful person. Thank you for
the excellent work that you do."

"The best part for me was induction into hypnosis, regression therapy, parts therapy, circle therapy but the
most amazing part was all of the practice."

"It was great! I’m so happy that you were my teacher during 160 hours and you continue to be my
teacher. Thank you for everything you have done for me."

"Very impressed. This course encouraged me and I left with a sense of confidence in my abilities."

"Excellent course. I wish it didn’t have to end."

"The best part of the course was understanding from the teacher."

"Excellent course. I have been fully immersed in it. Wonderful!
She is the best teacher I have ever had."

"This is the most comprehensive training I could have ever found.  It is challenging and rewarding."

"I love having guest clients volunteer for hypnotherapy every day. I can’t imagine success without this."

"The course is intense but Sherry is able to break it down and teach with so much skill."

"Sherry is very advanced in hypnotherapy and knows her stuff very well. Her approach to teaching is great.
Excellent set up and location too. I loved being here and I am going to miss coming in every day."

"I wish it was longer. Very professional and academic."

"This has been an experience taught in a professional university style in which I am proud to be a part of."

"The practical experience was incredible."

"I appreciate your high standards and your professional ethics!!!"

"I loved the practical experience and the fantastic attitude of my instructor."

"The finest education available in this field."

"I leave here positive, self confident and eager to open my practice."