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Prospective Students of PIAH,

I recently graduated from the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy (PIAH) and would like to take
this opportunity to share some information that I hope you’ll find helpful in your selection of PIAH for your
hypnotherapy training.

In my full time position as a clinical counselor, I was looking for some training that would assist me in
providing more efficient service to my clients. Although I had completed graduate work in counselling, and
have twenty years experience in the fields of mental health and forensic assessments, I was finding that,
for some clients, regular counselling required too great a time (and money) commitment for anxiety
treatment; many clients could not afford the number of sessions necessary to effectively resolve
anxieties/phobias using the conventional talk therapies in which I was trained (such as CBT, DBT, IPT,
etc).  I had read about the benefits of hypnotherapy for anxiety and other issues, and began an extensive
search into training programs .

What I found is probably what you discovered in the search that lead you to PIAH :
a)        many programs out there are led by instructors with “fake” credentials (ie. PhD’s  bought over the
internet from low level colleges for minimal effort and used to make it appear they actually put in the seven
years of university training to achieve that degree),
b)        instructors with “degrees” they awarded themselves from their own business posing as a school
c)        programs advertising themselves as a legitimate school who are not registered with the Private
Career Training Institutions Agency of BC (PCTIA) nor recognized as legitimate schools in the province of
BC (therefore not authorized to issue school tuition credits for your income taxes!)
d)        programs whose curriculum indicated they were attempting to do more than they were qualified for
(programs that attempted to train students as counselors, therapists, and hypnotists and not having the
staff qualified to do it)
e)        programs taught by someone that took a 2 day stage hypnotist program or a 3-4 day
“hypnotherapy course” and never actually used the skills in private practice as a hypnotherapist.

As you are probably experiencing yourself, it was a relief to discover PIAH! Right from the first contact, the
primary instructor, Sherry Hood, was professional and thorough in her responses. She made no attempts
to falsify her credentials and experience, and she did not neglect to respond to any questions about her
training and experience (unlike another program I contacted in the lower mainland).

As an experienced clinician, I was able to identify numerous theoretical overlaps between hypnotherapy as
presented by Sherry and evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions familiar to clinical counselors.
Her explanation of the concepts to the non-familiar students was clear, practical, and relevant to the case
studies.  The course material was very well organized and supported with readings from relevant texts
authored by recognized hypnotherapists. Information regarding the applicability of each area of
hypnotherapy was supported with information and video clips, including articles from peer-reviewed
journals:  further evidence of PIAH’s commitment to quality instruction!

Sherry provided regular feedback on each student’s progress, based on observation of each student’s
skills in practicum sessions. Even during the first week, Sherry had students working with clients to
practice basic inductions and relaxation scripts, getting them comfortable with the process.  I was able to
appreciate how Sherry instructed students to work within their scope of practice as per training and
clinical knowledge, thereby protecting the students new to the field of therapy from inadvertently
misrepresenting their skill sets to prospective clients.  Her attention to ethics and standards of practice
were impeccable!

I am very pleased with the value I received for my tuition at PIAH. I graduated confident in my ability to
offer hypnotherapy to my clients and eager to do so! I would not hesitate to recommend Sherry Hood as
an instructor or PIAH as the hypnotherapy school of choice for those fortunate enough to have the
opportunity to take instruction in this interesting and dynamic field. In choosing PIAH for your education,
you can be confident that you are choosing a legitimate program with an experienced instructor – one
committed to professionalism, high standards of practice, and ethical use of the power of hypnotherapy for
the well being of each client.

Terry Anne Smiley,
BSW(Hons.), M.Ed. (Couns.), M.H., C.CHt., RCC
Smiley C.H.A.T. Services

A note to prospective students                                                       July 22, 2010

I have recently successfully completed the program leading to Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification at the
Pacific Institute for Advanced Hypnotherapy, (PIAH). I am pleased to recommend principal instructor
Sherry Hood and the curriculum she has developed for professionalism and integrity. Sherry teaches a
client centred process that aims at and achieves client self-empowerment.

A key element of the program is hands on training that has the student practicing supervised inductions
and relaxation therapies from the second day of instruction throughout.  I cannot emphasize enough the
usefulness of the guest client component of the PIAH  program for developing familiarity and confidence
with the hypnotic process and with the practicality of being able to apply concepts and techniques as they
are learned.

It is astonishing to me the practicality and efficiency of Hypnotherapy for pain control, relaxation, control
and elimination of; anxieties, fears and phobias, addictions and other negative habits. Problems that would
otherwise be treated with drugs that can have seriously debilitating and destructive side effects or would
have the client on the analysts couch for a lifetime with little resolution. The freedom of the client from
dependency on either drugs or analyst is enough in itself to recommend Hypnosis as a therapeutic process
and adjunct to medical care. The program at PIAH and the generous equanimity of Sherry’s instructional
style all strongly reinforce a compassionate, dignified and professional approach to facilitating client

The techniques that I learned were also a great personal aid in focus, relaxation and memory while
working through the volume of information, most of it very straight forward and clearly presented in this
intensive, exciting and rewarding course.

Tom McKinnon,
BFA~ NSCAD, MFA~ University of Windsor,M.H., C.CHt~ PIAH

As a Medical Doctor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I should say the course of Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist
and Clinical Hypnotherapist in Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy is great. Apart from the fully
detailed curriculum, the way that Sherry teaches is brilliant. Her respectful personality makes her a perfect
teacher and I can say she is the best teacher I have ever had.
I am sure with the mentorship of Sherry, we can make a strong network of Hypnotherapists to bring this
precious scientific therapy to its real position and help our people for a better quality of life.
Be Well,
Reza Hashemi,
Vancouver, BC

To Sherry Hood
I have my own hypnotherapy practice in Victoria, but felt that my initial certification training left me feeling
like I could be doing more for my clients. This lead me on my quest for more training.

I interviewed numerous Hypnotherapists before deciding on your school. The training which I received
was of the highest caliber, where you used numerous presentation techniques, and held excellent
classroom discussions. Your organizational skills constantly impressed me. The lessons were presented
with supporting videos, recent articles, and numerous handouts. I was amazed at the number of guest
clients who were available to your students. Very impressive.   

Hypnotherapy is important to me. I endeavour to provide my clients with the highest level of skills available
- and your school has ensured that I meet my objective. Thank you for your dedication to this field. I am
honored to know you.

In Love and Sunshine
Joan Broadhurst
M.H., C.CHt.
Soul Talk Hypnotherapy Services
Victoria, B.C.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
W.A. Ward

Sherry holds the heart of an educator. She truly exudes a passion, warmth and commitment to creating
excellence. Not only is this reflected in her teaching, but also in her drive to create education standards
rarely met anywhere else. That her school is the only one in Canada, and perhaps North America, affiliated
with a university as a medical elective, clearly attests to the quality of the curriculum and the integrity she

Having had over 21 years of education, I can say with conviction that Sherry embodies what it means to
teach. The positive learning environment is a product of her commitment to the profession and her
commitment to her students. Beyond her organizational skills, effective use of media lecture materials, and
supplemental literature, Sherry recognises that real education lies in experience. Her emphasis on
developing practical skills with volunteer clients or students, and the critical feedback both they and her
provide, propels the students forward on an accelerated learning curve. Additionally, her perceptiveness to
the strengths and weaknesses of each student creates a unique education, truly tailored to the student;
she nurtures deficiencies, is objective and clear in her expectations, and challenges students to push
beyond comfort zones and master the techniques.  

In the drive to create a credible profession that is to be respected universally, the need for schools such as
this and the education standards they achieve is paramount. Sherry inspires us to sustain the
professionalism and practice standards she has worked hard to develop, and carry that forward into the
community and into our practices. Not only has she prepared me with the skill set required to become a
competent clinical hypnotherapist, but I am grateful for the continued guidance and web of support she
extends to all her students.

Laura Stix, BSc, CCht, ND
Testimonials from the Graduates
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