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These fascinating classes are carefully designed to give you extensive training to either practice
hypnotherapy as a career or integrate these skills within another profession in the health or
counseling fields.

Constantly updated, this dynamic program evolves with discoveries and insights of those in the
medical hypnotherapy field.

Hypnotherapy is best learned in a classroom setting. In this field, we connect with real people, not
computer screens. A classroom environment allows for instant expression of opinions and thoughts
with face-to-face interaction with classmates and the instructor. These conversations help reassure
students and help keep the learning process moving.
The history of hypnosis
How does hypnosis take place
Progressive relaxation
Hypnosis Facts
What is Hypnosis - Definitions
Trance types
Hypnotic Depths
Test for depth
Using a GSR
Hypnosis depth scale
Signs of hypnosis
Hypnosis vs Self-hypnosis
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy differences
Theory of the mind
Suggestibility Traits
Session Components
Building Rapport
Permission to Hypnotize
Inductions - basic - advanced
Hypnosis with Children
Desensitize to Sound & Motion
Deepening the State
Compounding Suggestions
Emerging a Client
Formatting Suggestion
Hypnotic Equations
Anchoring - Key to Conditioned Response
Maternal & Paternal Patter
Organic Language
Guided Imagery
Your Hypnotic Voice
Galvanic Skin Response
Setting Up Your Hypnotic Room
The Hyper-vigilant Client
The Hidden Observer
Dovetailing with Other Modalities
Hypnotist Program
Master Hypnotist Program
The Business of  Hypnotherapy
Forgiveness Techniques
Group hypnosis
Secondary gain
Emotional Blocks
Emotional Assessment
Release Strategies
Parts therapy
Sports Improvement
Colour healing
Addictions - Intro
Dream analysis
Current Life Regression
Memory Improvement
Positive & Negative Hallucinations
Energy blocks
Hypnotic associations
Working with Hearing Impaired Clients
Past life regression
Intro to Forensics
False memory
Intro to Biofeedback
Sound and Light Technology
Weight Reduction
Smoking Cessation
Maternity Care & Birthing
Pain Management
Catastrophic Illness
Circle therapy
Inner Child Work
Relationship work
Working with Depression
Launching Your Practice
How To Set Up Youir Office
Hypnotherapist Program
Getting a practice up and running
Hypnotherapy web sites
How to Audio Record for Sale

Hypnotherapy Okanagan-Shuswap Retreat
Hypnotherapy Okanagan-Shuswap Retreat
Clinical Hypnotherapist Program
Waking hypnosis
Subliminal Messaging
Covert Hypnosis
Hypnotic Seals
Intro to NLP
Ethics & Professionalism
Spiritual hypnosis
Combining healing modalities
Self Regulation
Brain Entrainment
Brain waves
Body Syndromes
The Energy Body
Client Agreement
Repetition & Brain Plasticity
Ideomotor signalling
Belief Systems
Mind / body connection
How Stress Affects the Body
Accessing Memory to produce
The Dominant Laws of
Systematic Desensitization
Initializing Sensitizing Events