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I've never made an announcement to the group about a single member before, at least not like this.  
Then again, I don't know of any of our members who've ever done anything like this before.

Sherry Hood, a longstanding member of this community and well respected hypnosis instructor has had
her course approved by the University of Alberta's medical residency program.  Her course has been
accepted as an elective for medical students (as well as other students).

That's right:  a full course being taught to medical students.  This isn't a lecture, it's a training.  More
than a couple of us have lectured at a medical school before.  What Sherry has done goes far beyond
this and helps educate a generation of doctors about the efficacy of hypnosis.  Imagine how much easier
it will be for Sherry's other students to get referrals from the graduating class of this college.  Think of
the precedent that has been set and how we can all benefit from Sherry's hard work.

This is a really great thing, and a huge congratulations and thank you is in order.

Perhaps Sherry or someone else with more information can share some details in this discussion thread.  
I can only imagine how many long hours of work and how many miles of red tape she had to push
through to get this approval.

I hope this inspires or motivates more of the members of HypnoThoughts to get moving, get great
training, and start making things happen.  I know it makes me feel good to learn that our modality is
getting traction and making progress.

Thank Sherry!

Scott Sandland C.Ht.
Hypnosis Takes a Major Step Forward
Thanks to One of Our Members!
At a special presentation at the IACT-IMDHA HypnoExpo, it was announced
that Sherry Hood is recipient of "Educator of the Year 2011"
Scott Sandland
Accepting the Educator
of the Year award for
Sherry Hood

PIAH posts quality hypnotherapy information in the form of
university studies/clinical trials,  articles and  clips on our
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At the IMDHA-IACT  HypnoExpo in
Daytona Beach, Sherry Hood was
awarded "Life Fellow in Hypnotherapy"
in recognition of her contributions to
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