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New Westminster, British Columbia
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# 102 – 631 Columbia Street, New Westminster,British Columbia
I.M.D.H.A. Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Amanda Branscombe M.H.,C.CHt.
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Since I was quite young, I believed firmly in the power of the subconscious mind. In my early twenties, a
friend was diagnosed with brain cancer. He received hypnotherapy to assist him through his surgeries
and pain management. Though it was his life path to transition, it was remarkable to witness how
hypnotherapy helped him and improved his quality of life. His experience inspired me to begin the journey
to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

When The Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy was established, I knew that I would become a
student. I was well aware of Sherry Hood's achievements in her own private practice and of her
reputation. I found Sherry's ethics and passion for hypnotherapy quite stimulating. In 2008 I attended
PIAH. Upon graduation, I started my full time private practice in North Vancouver. When Sherry moved
her practice and school to Columbia Street in New Westminster, I moved my office to the same location
and have been there ever since.

I started teaching the part time students at PIAH in 2011. Hypnotherapy is my passion. I thoroughly
enjoy working with my clients and students. It is an honour to be a facilitator in sessions that make
monumental changes for my clients. I consider it a privilege to teach at PIAH. Watching students become
skilled and hearing about their experiences with clients after graduation is gratifying. Hypnotherapy is a
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