the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
Look outside and dream, look inside and awaken
the Pacific Institute of Advanced  Hypnotherapy
New Westminster, British Columbia
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The history of hypnosis
How does hypnosis take place
Progressive relaxation
Facts and fallacies
What is hypnosis
Defining hypnosis
Trance types
Test for depth
Hypnosis depth scale
Signs of hypnosis
Self confidence / self esteem
Hypnosis vs self hypnosis
Self-hypnosis - creating a vision
Rules for acquisition
Theory of the mind
Physical and emotional suggestibility
Components of a hypnosis session
Inductions -beginner to advanced
Hypnotic deepeners
Organic language
Formulating suggestion
Positive suggestion
Guided imagery
Hypnotic equations
Other therapies
Analysis of phenomenon
Analysis of clients
Analysis of salient factors
Factors of hypnosis
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Hypnotist Diploma Program